The experience of a highly skilled carpentry workshop

In over fifty years, we have learnt to work and transform wood in full respect of its essence.

Our solid wood kitchens are the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship coupled with innovative machinery.

Our products combine the best of cabinetmaking history with modern bespoke craftsmanship. A combination that creates true luxury.

Each kitchen is handcrafted, from the selection of the right wood and its storage, to a finish that respects the essence of this precious natural material.

We are able to preserve the natural characteristics of wood thanks to the skills of our carpenters: their experience and craftsmanship are based on a tradition and passion that has been handed down from father to son for decades. This allows us to create solid wood furniture of great value, built according to the best Italian craftsmanship tradition.

Combining tradition and technology

Most of the people who work at Old Line are traditional carpenters who have learnt to work in an artisanal way and to adapt their skills to new technologies.

For us, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. In fact, in our workshop we use the latest woodworking machines and tools alongside classic equipment.

We strive for perfection and the best way to achieve this is to combine tradition with the most modern production techniques.

Guardians of timeless, uncompromising quality


Our Master Carpenters carefully select each plank and then finger-joint it. This is a delicate stage that can only be carried out by hand, by experts who know the characteristics and peculiarities of each board. They arrange them according to a logic that contrasts the natural grain of the wood in order to balance its forces.

This process cancels out the imperceptible movements of the wood, which is a living material that has a tendency to 'move’.

A special machine is used to cut the solid wood and create a comb joint; by fitting and gluing the various elements together, continuous rods are created that are used to make the panels. This technique is also known as 'finger-jointing' and has the characteristic of making the joint visible on the wire.

From a single board to a panel

In order to ensure an excellent mechanical hold, our Master Carpenters first shape the board on all 4 sides and then mill them laterally. This process makes it possible to assemble the boards into panels measuring 138″ x 39″, which are then calibrated to a thickness of 0.8″ each and cut into sections.

The panels obtained with this special process guarantee greater compactness, stability and mechanical resistance. All the characteristics needed to obtain a quality product.

Each board is unique

Each kitchen we make is unique and each component belongs exclusively to that particular kitchen.

The panel is now ready to be cut into sections of different sizes, depending on their use. The semi-finished products, which will become the backs, sides or tops of base or wall units, are stuccoed and sanded in an entirely manual process.

Solid wood in numbers

All sides of our furniture structures are made of 0.8″ thick solid wood elements, instead of the 0.7″ used in the mass industrial production. They are then finger-jointed both vertically and horizontally.

The shelves are made of 0.63″ thick solid wood and the backs, made of 0.35″ thick solid wood, give each model solidity.

The backs

The backs are made using the tongue and groove technique: the slats are milled and the tongue and groove joint is made by leaving just under 0.04″ of space to allow the wood to move a little to compensate for expansion due to temperature changes.

The drawers

The drawers are made entirely of solid wood and the sides are finished with refined handmade dovetail joints.

They are fitted with quick-release concealed runners and a soft-close mechanism.

The runners provide extremely smooth and quiet full extension and are tested for 80,000 opening and closing cycles, ensuring incredible wear resistance.

The toe kicks are available in 4 different heights: 3.15″, 3.93″, 4.72″ or 5.90″ to create different aesthetics.

We pre-assemble the kitchen at our premises before installing it at your home

To ensure functionality and quality, each kitchen is dry pre-assembled in our workshop.

We check dimensions, finishes, colour uniformity and materials. This process enables us to guarantee a very high level of precision to each and every customer during the assembly phase at their home.

With your kitchen for years to come

We are used to guaranteeing the availability or replicability of our kitchen components over time.

Even years later, we can replace a damaged door or complete your kitchen with new modules or a living area that is consistent in style and materials.

We work on a project basis, developing bespoke solutions and adaptations thanks to the craftsmanship of our Master Carpenters.