The company

A story of true Italian craftsmanship

A love of woodworking and an appreciation of an ancient craft.
These have always been the cornerstones of our company philosophy.

It is precisely because we started out as a small artisan business and have never forgotten our origins that we work every day to maintain and preserve these values.
In our kitchens, we want you to feel and taste the authentic, handcrafted Made in Italy.

The beginning of a dream

It all began in 1977 in Mareno di Piave, Veneto, between the beauty of the Venice lagoon and the majesty of the Prosecco hills.
We started out as a small carpentry workshop, united by our passion for woodworking and design.

Our idea? To create not just a kitchen, but a living space full of unique sensations.

An Italian story of quality

From that moment on, our growth began. With the arrival of the second generation, we became an artisan company, maintaining our roots in the Venetian cabinet-making tradition and our love of carpentry.

Year after year we have consolidated our position in the Italian market and in 2010 we started our internationalisation journey. In a short period of time, our kitchens have gained a prominent place in the world markets, especially in the American, European and Russian markets.

The talent of our Master Carpenters

What has always made Old Line's production unique is the great team of Master Carpenters.

They have the ability to transform wood into poetry, giving life to kitchens of great value, contextualised in a compositional modernity for furnishing exclusive spaces with a true Made in Italy flavour.

Each project is personally entrusted to one of our Master Carpenters, who oversees the entire production process, right through to quality control.