Craftsmanship and respect for the environment

Protecting the environment has always been a priority for Old Line.
We have chosen to produce high quality handcrafted furniture with natural and renewable materials. Ecological solutions for materials and finishes, attention to packaging solutions and the use of natural resources in production processes all contribute to a reduction in overall environmental impact.

Sustainability as a guiding value of the entire production process

Respect for raw materials

We treat raw materials with the utmost respect, enhancing their value through our solid tradition of craftsmanship.

We draw from nature and ensure that the source of our raw materials is respectful of people and the environment, with ethically responsible sourcing from cultivations that do not damage the forests, but enhance their availability.

Sustainable finishes

We use non-toxic, formaldehyde-free acrylic paints and solvent-free water-based paints, also in accordance with EU standards, to ensure total respect for the environment, the safety of our employees and end customers, and the quality of their homes. Water-based finishes are also less likely to change appearance over time, offer greater surface impermeability and are more resistant to scratching and chipping.

Nature, our energy source

Our production processes are constantly optimised, monitored and updated. At our production site in Italy, we use self-produced electricity that covers up to 50% of our energy needs - a valuable contribution to a virtuous circle of true eco-sustainability.