Made in Italy

Authentic Italian craftsmanship

Italy is a country rich in culture, tradition and passion, and we have been cultivating this passion for wood since our origins.

Through the valorisation of knowledge handed down from father to son, the company today is an expression of entrepreneurship driven by a genuine passion for the art of carpentry and design. We continue to draw on our origins in a constant process of innovation, combining tradition with the most modern production techniques.

This strong carpentry culture and experience, combined with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and tools, gives Old Line kitchens the true flavour of Made in Italy.

Italian excellence

Italian excellence is recognised the world over. And Made in Italy is an indispensable feature of our production.

We follow the creation of each kitchen from the very first phase of raw material selection to the actual production phases, taking care of every single detail so that our kitchens become furniture of impeccable quality and design. In fact, every component, from the simplest to the most complex, is manufactured in-house to the highest standards of craftsmanship. This is the only way to monitor the entire production chain, with constant and capillary control of the quality of materials and finishes, in order to obtain furniture of the highest quality, characterised by the unmistakable Italian style.

Italian design

Furnishing a kitchen is like tailoring a suit. It is not only the product that is important, but also the style that can be represented.

Our designers and Master Carpenters meticulously develop furniture solutions where beauty and functionality are in perfect harmony, creating a kitchen that lasts.

The use of fine materials, attention to detail and innovative technical solutions are the key to creating traditional, cosy, welcoming, functional kitchens of refined elegance.

Living the Italian kitchen

In Italy, the kitchen is not just a room in the house, it is a place of the soul, accompanied by the typical flavours of the Belpaese. It is the sum of many ingredients: conviviality, good food, style and enjoyment of life.

The Old Line kitchens reflect all these elements, combining Italian design with the luxury of high quality craftsmanship.

We hope that these kitchens will find their way into your home, giving them all the warmth and refinement that Italy knows how to express.