Collection Classic


Maya is a kitchen with elegant, finely framed doors, combined with a floral frieze, entirely handcrafted.

This model embodies class and elegance, details that can only be perfected with care and dedication, in perfect Old Line style.

The columns, with illuminated showcases, have crystal shelves and a mud oak back panel – a detail designed to harmonise the island with the rest of the kitchen.

Our cabinetmaking culture allows us to combine beauty with functionality; the protruding pillars of the bases and tall units are not just design details, but also storage elements.

Class and elegance and handcrafted friezes


Maya 1.0

Finish: lacquered open-pore White oak / Mud oak
Carrara marble top


Maya 2.0

Finish: lacquered Dove Grey / Olanda oak
Emperador Brown marble top