Modern kitchen collection


Borghese is a combination of modern design and a spirit of elegance and sophistication.

A home with a Borghese kitchen is experienced as a warm and cosy place to receive friends and share happy moments, surrounded by classic furnishings that give a sense of peace and security.

In the Borghese style home, everything speaks of wealth, comfort, taste and refinement, with finishes that express a lifestyle. Marble, wood, glass and metal are the main materials used in the Borghese kitchen.

Wealth, comfort, taste and refinement


Borghese 1

Door: Alpha model and Prestige model
Finish: Canaletto walnut solid wood, matt lacquered White
Blue de Savoie top


Borghese 2

Door: Alpha model
Finish: Natural heat-treated oak
White Carrara marble top


Borghese 3

Door: Alpha model and Eta model
Finish: Natural elm, matt lacquered Pearl
Stainless steel top


Borghese 4

Door: Alpha model
Finish: Natural Canaletto walnut, matt lacquered Lead
Black Marquinia marble top