Modern kitchen collection


Glamour, an urban style in which different styles merge and intertwine.
References to the architecture of the early 20th century, juxtapositions of styles that recall the avant-garde of the last century, the 'classicism' of 1950s design and the modernity of metropolitan furnishings, with echoes of past fashions driven by new trends.

This style is a melting pot of expressions, characterised above all by modernity and worldliness, in a bold interpretation of fashion and design.

Chrome detailing evokes mid-century design, early 20th century brass finishes, marble, leather, metal weave evoke Art Deco, colour contrasts evoke Mondrian paintings, complex and abstract shapes evoke modern sculpture.

Skilfully dosed combinations are used to form a décor that creates artistic and stylistic sensations to great effect.

Modernity and worldliness that evoke stylistic sensations to great effect


Glamour 1

Door: Alpha model and Gamma model
Finish: Rhombus Canaletto walnut, matt lacquered Bark
Metal XXL Black top


Glamour 2

Door: Delta model
Finish: Glossy lacquered Pearl 60 Gloss
Arabescato marble top


Glamour 3

Door: Phi model and Alpha model
Finish: Polished Statuario Light porcelain stoneware
Natural heat-treated wood
Polished Statuario Light porcelain stoneware top