Glamour island: an icon of style and craftsmanship

The Glamour kitchen island has become a hallmark of our cabinetry. It represents our focus on timeless design and elegance.

It all started with the Glamour collection, which we presented at the MEBEL trade fair in Moscow in 2019.

It is a refined and timeless kitchen collection in which the Canneté effect, obtained by milling the Canaletto walnut, gives the door a three-dimensional look and a unique tactile sensation.

This collection was an immediate success with architects, designers and end users, and has become a flagship product for Old Line production.
It features an island whose style is reminiscent of 1950s America, but with a more contemporary and extremely refined interpretation.

As time went by, we decided to add other doors from our sample collection to the Canneté Canaletto walnut door, including the lacquered Canneté door.

This island has thus become a distinctive element both of the Glamour collection and of our production in general, as it embodies all the strength of our cabinetmaking experience and our ability to reinterpret traditional craftsmanship in a modern key.

Iconic image

To enhance the Glamour collection island and make it a true icon of our brand, we turned to master photographer Flavio Favero.

Through his photographs, he has managed to bring to life all the emotions that this element of our kitchens conveys.

Thanks to his unique talent, Favero has managed to bring out the detail of the Canneté Canaletto walnut finish, the roundness of the ends of the island, the precious material used not only for the exterior but also for the interior drawers, the design, the innovation of the top with a Canneté band underneath, and many other details.

In these images, the island is presented as an object with its own identity and personality. even when not surrounded by the rest of the kitchen.

The value of solid wood

What distinguishes the Glamour kitchen and its island from similar products on the market is that each strip is made of solid wood (Canaletto walnut or lacquered beech) with a thickness of 0.2″.

The result is clear: not only an icon of style and elegance, but also a product of fine craftsmanship.