Glamour kitchen for a luxury mansion in Boston

Thanks to the collaboration with our American partner, the project of an exclusive solid wood Glamour kitchen for a villa on the outskirts of Boston was born.

International cooperation is a constant in our work.
The partnership we have had with the American company Divine Design Center for several years is a shining example of this. 

We have completed several projects with them, including a custom solid wood kitchen for a villa on the outskirts of Boston.

As can often be the case in the American market, the builder wanted to build and market a house with very high quality finishes and already fitted with the most important pieces.
One of these pieces was the kitchen.
Our partner contacted us and asked us to build the Glamour kitchen in solid wood, based on their design. 

We built it and pre-assembled it almost entirely in our joinery before delivering it.

The finished work was excellent and the client was so pleased that they wanted a new Glamour kitchen for the new villa they were building on the same site in Boston.