Puzzle door: exclusive finish, design and respect for wood

The talent of our Master Carpenters has led to the creation of a unique and highly refined kitchen door.

A unique technique for working Canaletto walnut was born in our carpentry workshop. 

We called it "puzzle" because, like the board game, it consists of assembling a whole by placing small pieces of Canaletto walnut of different sizes next to each other.

How the puzzle door was born

The genesis of this special finish has two characteristic elements: a deep respect for the raw material we use and the talent of our Master Carpenters.

The idea was born when we were making the doors for the Glamour collection kitchens. When we were cutting out the Canneté pieces, we realised that many of them could not be used because they were too small for a kitchen door. 

But throwing away precious Canaletto walnut would be absurd. For us, used as we are to working with wood with the utmost respect, it is inconceivable to waste what nature has taken so many years to create.

So here was the idea of our Master Carpenters: to recover all these small pieces of walnut and adapt them to create a unique and extraordinary whole.
This is how the puzzle door was born.

From the idea to the result

Each small piece of Canneté is cut out, numbered and glued into a blockboard panel, creating a different door design each time.

Each door is therefore unique, the result of patient and meticulous craftsmanship.
The pieces are joined by assembling the wood grain diagonally, vertically and horizontally. This creates both a design effect and an interplay of light and dark shades and colours of walnut. 

The result is extremely refined and beautiful, and all our customers are amazed when they look at their new kitchen doors. 

It takes a lot of patience, precision and time to make each door, but it is the right tribute to nature that has taken so many years to give us such precious trees.