Francesco Renga and his Old Line kitchen: a fusion of music and craftsmanship

An exclusive space tailor-made for a great artist who combines musical talent and passion for cooking.

It all started unexpectedly.

A professional we work with put us in touch with the architect in charge of renovating Francesco Renga's home. It was a unique opportunity to transform the well-known singer's kitchen into a masterpiece of high custom carpentry.

Spread over three floors, the house is located in the province of Brescia and is the result of a redevelopment that put it in perfect balance with the surrounding landscape. Together with the architect, we worked hard to make this space not only functional, but also a reflection of Francesco Renga's taste and lifestyle.

During this collaboration, we constantly dialogued with the client and the other professionals involved to create an exclusive environment. 
Every step, from design to installation, was guided by the desire to create not only a kitchen, but a place where the artist's culinary creativity could be expressed and guests could be welcomed in an excellent way.

The kitchen as a personal expression of style

Francesco Renga's precise requests for his kitchen were not simply a starting point, but an exciting challenge that we accepted with passion and commitment.

In addition to the desire for a kitchen with gray-black tones, Francesco wanted a modern space characterized by clean lines.
In addition, he needed to integrate an operating area in the columns, equipped with ovens and a wine cellar and work area that, on special occasions, had to be able to disappear.

The kitchen environment had to not only fit his daily needs and the rest of the interior, but also challenge the traditional clichés often associated with kitchens.

The heart of the project: the design phase

After a careful analysis of the client's needs and an in-depth dialogue with the architect in charge of the renovation, we began the design process aimed at transforming ideas into a tangible product.

The initial phase involved the creation of detailed drafts, precisely outlining every aspect of the future kitchen. This step made it possible to translate Francesco Renga's specific requests into renderings, allowing for any modifications or confirmations of the choices made.

A key element of this phase was the preparation of material and color samples, which were later sent to the architect for the creation of an interior moodboard. In the design phase, we steered the choices toward a modern style, combining clean lines and a monochromatic palette. The goal was to create an aesthetic that would complement the entire residential environment of PR House.

The combination of technical expertise and creativity resulted in a project that not only meets the functional needs of the kitchen but also stands out for its unique design.

Packet doors: the innovation that characterizes this custom kitchen

The model chosen for the kitchen is extremely custom, with special attention to the finishes that make it unique.

The key element is the innovative packet mechanism for closing the doors. Such a solution, when the doors are closed, gives the kitchen a neat and refined look, similar to an elegant closet cabinet. This not only meets the customer's functional needs, but also adds a touch of surprise and originality to the space, helping to make the project even more personalized.

Attention to detail is perceptible in the selection of finishes, transforming a basic model into a masterpiece of bespoke design. The choice of the ALPHA model door with Calamine color metallic finish embodies the essence of what it means to create a kitchen space that perfectly matches the existing interior and the exclusive taste of an artist like Francesco Renga.

This kitchen has become a true expression of craftsmanship and creativity, offering a bold and distinctive alternative to the conventions of traditional kitchens.

We directly managed every stage of the assembly, from the initial installation of the kitchen to the application of the quartz countertop and the subsequent adjustment of the doors.
The end result not only met, but exceeded the client's expectations.

Discovering the craftsmanship behind Old Line kitchens.

In the summer of 2020, Francesco Renga visited our factory to get up close and personal with the talent of our Master Carpenters. During this experience he was able to appreciate the craftsmanship behind every detail of our kitchens. The visit was more than just a tour; it was a discovery of the deep roots of our production philosophy and the craftsmanship that characterizes our creations.

The summer meeting transformed the collaboration into a deeper bond, reinforcing the awareness that behind every Old Line kitchen lies a story of passion, innovation and authentic craftsmanship that distinguishes Made in Italy.

The relationship with Francesco: before and after

The relationship with Francesco Renga did not end after the installation of the kitchen. From an initial communication through the architect, we moved on to a direct and personal relationship. A genuine bond was created with him, to the point that he even invited the owners of Old Line to attend a concert of his in the front row-a gesture that strengthened the personal connection we built.

Realizing this project for us was very rewarding and allowed us to experiment with additional working methods for customizing kitchens.
Francesco's summer visit to the company, the in-depth design phase, the discovery of craftsmanship, and the ongoing dialogue resulted in a kitchen space that tells a story of commitment and professionalism.
Every detail of this collaboration expresses the beauty of the encounter between music and craftsmanship, creating a space that reflects Francesco Renga's taste and Old Line's craftsmanship.

Photo credits

Ph: Ilario Piatti