From kitchen to living wall: the custom design that revolutionizes space

A solid wood kitchen that fits the customer's lifestyle perfectly, combining design and practicality flawlessly.

To create a uniquely designed kitchen that would perfectly reflect the lifestyle of a family, without sacrificing functionality and practicality.
This was the challenge that saw us involved in a truly exclusive project.

The client is an entrepreneur from the province of Treviso who, together with his wife and their two daughters, had a very specific request: a functional kitchen, full of comfort, but that would turn into a living space when needed and serve as a hub for their family and social relationships.

The result was the creation of a kitchen space that blends harmoniously with the living concept, creating a unique and welcoming environment where design and functionality are perfectly integrated.

Personalization and design at the highest level

The elegant mix of smooth lacquered NCS 1502-G50Y door and Canaletto walnut Canneté model lends a timeless elegance to the room, while the fine solid wood lends dynamism, creating a kitchen that almost resembles a bookcase thanks to the innovative method of disappearance.

The harmony of integrated home appliances

The kitchen has been equipped with a wide range of appliances and interior accessories that provide practicality and efficiency without compromising aesthetics. Thanks to the concealed doors, the appliances are integrated into the kitchen environment, allowing the wall to transform from a culinary area to a living space.

The art of details

Hidden details reveal a world of comfort: from the column with pull-out stainless steel worktop, to the backs equipped with commonly used accessories (such as cutting boards, ladles, etc.) and built-in electrical outlets.
Each element is designed to make everyday life easier, and the whole thing is illuminated by LED lights.

The ovens and warming drawers have been cleverly concealed within the column with folding doors that open sideways to provide easy access without compromising the surrounding space.

The slate island: a touch of sophistication

The central island is made of a fine slate stone that elegantly frames the surrounding furniture and encourages communication between spaces as well as being a well-equipped and efficient workbench.
In the stone top we have carved a band in which a top in Canaletto walnut has been inserted, giving continuity to the kitchen doors.

In addition, a wine cellar with an ice bath adds a touch of luxury and conviviality to evenings with friends and family.

The handcrafted solid wood table

The table, made of solid oak wood, is the heart of the room. 4 meters long and 5 cm thick, this fine piece is ideal for hosting dinners and moments of sharing, framing each gathering with warmth and authenticity.

We used wooden boards that we kept stored for many years in our warehouses and that have gained value over time as it is now rare to find oak of these lengths in the market.

The client often organizes dinners and relaxing moments with their family and friends, so the request was "to have a large table where it could accommodate many people together and share joyful moments in a cozy and personalized environment."

The combination of minimalist space, advanced technology, slate countertops, and skillful use of fine solid wood creates a unique environment that transforms time spent in the kitchen into a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the whole family.
The elegant island and handcrafted solid wood table become the center of communication and conviviality, while the neutral tones and natural brightness lend a touch of warmth and hospitality, a reflection of the sunny and resourceful personalities who inhabit the home.

Ultimately, OldLine's signature kitchen is not just a functional space, but a design space that integrates seamlessly with the lifestyle and emotions of the family that inhabits it.

The client's words fully confirm the success of our collaboration, "I am extremely satisfied with the cuisine. I receive many compliments from the guests we welcome into our home. Thanks to OldLine, I achieved the desired effect: a kitchen that becomes living on demand, transforming the space into a cozy and functional area. You managed to fully meet my expectations."

And your satisfaction is our great source of pride.