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Incanto Collection: Italian design at the Budapest kitchen fair

Great interest in our Incanto kitchen in the ebony finish, thanks to our collaboration with Indagroup.

In the international landscape of kitchen and furniture trade fairs, the recent edition of Konyhakiallitas in Budapest was an unmissable opportunity to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the world of design.

Indeed, from March 1 to 3, 2024, the Budapest Fair opened its doors to buyers and end customers to showcase the best of furniture and appliance production for the kitchen world.

In this context, together with our Hungarian partner Indagroup, we presented our Incanto kitchen collection.

Indagroup Budapest: a female collaboration

For several years we have been collaborating with a partner of excellence on the Hungarian scene: Indagroup Budapest, a design studio, with showroom, that deals with interior design and an extremely reliable partner in promoting our solid wood kitchens in Hungary.

Composed entirely of women, the company is passionately led by Andrea, joined by the talented Nori and Ester.

Incanto: handcrafted design icon in Budapest

In cooperation with Indagroup, we decided to present our Incanto Collection in ebony finish at the Expo. This solid wood kitchen was not only exhibited at the fair, but later also displayed in Indagroup's showroom at Max City in downtown Budapest.

Previously in the same showroom space was one of our kitchens from the Glamour Collection, which met the interest of many customers for quite some time.

The Incanto Collection presented at this edition of Konyhakiallitas caught the attention of the operators and designers present, thanks to its refined beauty and distinctive architectural style. The refined design of Incanto combines functionality and aesthetics in one, highlighting the curved parts that lend a timeless elegance to the kitchen environment.

The key element of this collection is the island, which not only serves as an operating space with an induction cooktop, but is also designed as an area for conviviality and relaxation. The built-in round table comfortably seats up to four people, creating a cozy and socializing environment.

Not to be outdone are the clear Cannettato glass doors, framed in champagne aluminum, which add a touch of sophistication and brightness to the island.

Successes and connection: beyond mere exposure

Our participation in the Budapest Fair was an unprecedented success. The Incanto Collection won over the trade, standing out for its innovation and originality, but above all for its craftsmanship and Made in Italy style.

In addition to the promotion of our products, the fair was an important opportunity to strengthen the bond with our partner Indagroup and to consolidate our presence in the Hungarian market. 

Moments of sharing and conviviality enriched the experience, demonstrating that business can also be an opportunity for human exchange and collaboration.

Looking to the future, we are confident that the Incanto Collection will continue to attract interest and establish itself on the Hungarian market, and more generally on the international scene, as it combines design, functionality and high quality craftsmanship. All distinctive values of the Old Line universe.