Wooden sideboards: curves as design elements

Craftsmanship, exclusive customizations and high-quality materials for a touch of elegance to your living room

The appeal of wooden sideboards knows no time. These pieces of furniture, with their sturdiness and natural beauty, have always been synonymous with quality and style. Their popularity has grown over the years thanks to their ability to fit into any environment, adding a touch of elegance and functionality.

Old Line sideboards: curves for unique design

Sideboards are also a prominent feature in our collections. We make several types in wood, in a variety of styles.

From modern, minimalist lines to classic, traditional designs, each sideboard is designed to blend seamlessly with the decor around it. Each piece is carefully designed to offer not only functionality, but also unique aesthetic value.

Old Line's oval sideboards are a perfect example of how design can transform a piece of furniture into an important focal point in the home.

The two curved side elements enclose the cabinet, creating a sinuosity of very feminine shapes. The top, which can be made in different variations such as marble, ceramic, and wood, is fixed slightly lower than the doors, creating a storage tray and more grip for opening the doors.

These design details not only enhance the aesthetics, but also increase the functionality of the cabinet.

Craftsmanship and customization

Each Old Line sideboard is made by our Master Carpenters with handcrafted dedication that guarantees the highest quality. Every step of the process, from wood selection to final finishing, is executed with attention to detail to ensure that each piece is perfectly crafted.

For the sideboards of the Radha living collection, for example, our craftsmen use Cannetè doors built with blockboard panels and covered with a 5 mm thick linden Cannetè panel. This technique gives the doors extraordinary resistance and unique visual elegance. Linden Cannetè, known for its fineness and durability, offers a refined texture that enriches the aesthetics of the furniture.

Customization is another strong point: the sideboards can be made in all the colors of the NCS scale, offering a unique identity element within the environment in which they will be placed.

In addition, marble countertops can be made with different types of marble, combining them together to create a puzzle with tones and shades that match the mood of the room and furniture.

Storage and organization: the versatility of cupboards in the home

Wooden sideboards are extremely versatile and can find a place in various rooms of the home. In the living room, they can serve as beautiful design elements while providing valuable storage space for various objects and decorations. In the dining room, they can be used to store dishes, tablecloths and other table accessories, keeping everything organized and within easy reach. Even in hallways, sideboards can serve as elegant storage spots for keys, mail and other everyday items.

With drawers, shelves and compartments, wooden sideboards are incredibly practical. They can accommodate a variety of items, from books and tools to documents and decorative accessories. The sturdy wood construction ensures that these cabinets can withstand the weight of stored items and last over time, providing a reliable and durable storage solution for your home.

Our wooden sideboards represent a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.
Thanks to their versatility, they can enrich any room in the house, offering ample storage space and refined design.

The quality of the wood, combined with the craftsmanship and the possibility of customization, makes each sideboard a unique and valuable piece

View our living collections - Radha, Incanto, Glamour, Modern, Contemporary, Classic - and find the perfect wooden sideboard for you. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your living room with a high-quality handcrafted piece designed to last and enrich your space.